Hickory Floors

Huggins Wide Plank Wood Floors


If trees portrayed human temperaments, Hickory would be the envy of the species. Hickory is tough and handsome, with a tensile strength that rivals steel and a surface appearance admired by woodworking purists and cabinetmakers. Our Hickory is sourced exclusively from the upper reaches of the Appalachian Forest, where the short summers and cool climate provide for its substantial heartwood content so you will notice far less variation than other Hickory in the industry. When we craft a Hickory floor, contrasting color tones come through from the lighter blonde sapwood and darker brown heartwood to create a very interesting pattern from board to board. Hickory is one of the most versatile floors that we make, so clients can choose to grade the floor for less variation, or use a stain to create a more consistent color tone. It has graced the most modern California homes and the most rustic lake-side retreats.

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